Controversy on the Ironforge Express.

The Editors have decided that this weeks issue of 'World of Warcraft Wednesday' will be brought to you by 'Wilfred P. Dimblethwaite.'

Hello, and welcome to the celebration of 'Educating Sausages Week,' now over to Bruce with an opening number on the Mouse Organ...

The Editors would like to apologise for what just happened and can now assure readers that the normal column writer will continue the article.

Well blizzards seems to have made a right pigs ear of the War Effort pages. They are claiming that it will be updated daily; however the stats for Arathor seem to be about 2 weeks behind what's really happening. I do wish that Blizzard Europe would stick to thier guns when they say things will be updated, if not what's the point, the world plot could pass me by because I'm reading out of date information. And to top it all off the European Login Servers went down on Tuesday night, and as per usual Blizzard blamed everyone's ISP. WTF is all I have to say, surely when the server load is showing 100,000+ users short of average you must realise something is wrong, and it's not an ISP issue. Come on Blizzard you can do better than this.

Well a patch was applied at the beginning of the week, this opened up the Guild Recruitment channel, this is a great idea however they haven't told anyone how to get access to it so it may have been a pointless update. However the crux of the problem that caused Blizzard to create the Guild Recruitment channel started on the US servers. It would seem an over zealous GM took the EULA a little too rigidly. So someone advertising a specialist guild was warned that they were breaking the EULA when in fact this is a very grey area and they probably weren't. Anyway the warning was retracted and Blizzard apologised for the actions of said GM. However this did nothing to stop the shit-storm that started brewing over internet land. It seems that within a day everyone knew what had happened and were putting thier own version of events forward as well as what should be done. Many people claimed that they closed thier accounts over this incident, personally I think if someone will let the actions of one over zealous GM spoil their fun then they should rethink thier reasons for playing the game in the first place.

Also this week it has been one year since it all started in Europe, however I have only been playing for about 6 months now. It would seem that after a year World of Warcraft has become the benchmark for MMORPGs. Many have started to crumble due lack of users and drastic changes in patches. However WoW just seems to be getting better. Yet over the next year a large number of MMORPGs will hit the shelves, will any of these stand a chance of knocking WoW off the top spot or will the king of the hill still be in place next year.

Bug of the Week - 'None'
Sadly it's a grim week for the 'Bug of the Week' section, as it would seem that every time I have played the game has run smoothly. So let's hope for an interesting bug or two next week.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won't - 'Inn in my Pocket'
Now it would be great if the Engineers could make a portable door which opened to another dimension wherein lies nothing more than an Inn. This would save all that tedious flying around and travelling to get to where you need to be, and you can also log off anywhere in safety. The 'Inn in my Pocket' would be a one use item, that can only be made by character with level 300 Engineering, and enough Dark Iron to sink a battleship. However such an item would be immensely useful if you get called away from your PC or an emergency comes up and you have to log off quickly.