Death is a Gateway to Many Places

Again with the War Effort, well I guess it's the best news that can be discussed at this time as it seems to be the biggest focus for many players. Well it's finally happened, one of the European realms has opened the gates. Kael'thas, a French realm has managed to unite the four parts of the sceptre, and open the gates. Meanwhile there are still many newer new realms hanging around at the back which have collected few, if any resources.

Many of us view death as a bad thing, however in the world of Azeroth; death can get you to places other beers cannot reach. To some death is just an annoyance, but to others it can be used as an advantage, the area you can resurrect in can be used as a means to get beyond a wall, up through buildings or down in to caverns. The range of resurrecting at your body is not that far, but it can be put to good use, especially by lower level characters that need to speak to someone in a high level area. All you have to do is drop all equipment and armour in the bank, and then run for it! Then in ghost form wander back to your body and at the limit of your resurrect range or in a safe spot resurrect and run a bit further, repeat until you reach your destination. Death can be annoying most of the time, but using it your advantage can actually get you a lot of XP and rewards.

Lunar Festival
In every major city there are quests related to the Lunar Festival. These are all relatively easy to complete. The first one just requires you to buy fireworks and set them alight. This gives you an invitation to Moonglade, to get their you must activate your scroll in one of the beams of Greater Moonlight. Once in Moonglade you can use your scroll to visit any of the major cities; with lower level characters this is a huge advantage as it means you can easily get to any cities you haven't visited yet.

The next quest is also relatively simple as all you have to do is collect tokens from various lunar festival emissaries. This is easy as long as you have a higher level character, as you have to run across a high level area to get it! Once you have 5 tokens you can trade them in for a variety of different Lunar Festival related items, I ended up with more fireworks than I could fit in my bags!

Bug of the Week - 'Secret Ways'
Well as everyone can get access to Moonglade during the Lunar Festival, I guess now's a good time to talk of an old bug I found, where anyone could get access to Moonglade. This requires some travelling, and a bit of swimming. If you jump in to the sea at the far north of Darkshore, and then head North-East around the coast, you need to keep a track of which areas you enter and exit. At one point you will enter the Moonglade area, but you won't be able to climb the mountains. There is only a small patch of the sea which is in Moonglade, once you find it, you need to dive down and drown. Once dead you ghost will appear in the Moonglade Graveyard, from her just ask the angel to resurrect you and your there, and able to open up the flight path.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won't - 'The Blizzard You'
Well we all have work and things that happen in our lives. Well unless Blizzard starts offering 'The Blizzard You,' this is an exact replica of you in every detail, with a few exceptions. It does not need to eat sleep or do anything that may take you away from World of Warcraft. 'The Blizzard You' can continue playing even while your on holiday, leaving you to enjoy your life while simultaneously enjoying World of Warcraft. 'The Blizzard You' would come as a standard feature for any one buying the Special Edition of the game, with no warranty for parts or damage cause by 'The Blizzard You.'