• Breathtaking graphics bring Zanzarah to life; experience lush forests, scorching volcanoes, and icy wastelands in vivid detail.

  • Control Amy, a young heroine gifted with the ability to collect and train fairies and demons.

  • Use dozens of spells from 12 different elemental powers to destroy the evil plaguing Zanzarah.

  • Experience the adventure in 3rd person view, then switch to 1st person to battle it out in mystical arenas.

  • Multi-tiered combat system pits your collection of fairies and demons against a horde of other opponents; Use each fairy wisely to exploit weaknesses in your enemy's defense.

  • Role-Playing elements upgrade both Amy and your individual fairies and demons; create stronger warriors with potions and other magical items, and level them up through experience and time.

  • Multiplayer combat lets two collectors duke it out split-screen style. Find out who's the top collector!