In a dark and desolated world, the great warrior Zadette is about to experience the greatest quest of all time. Across arid plains, swamps, caves, he will have to beat numerous monsters to reach the source of evil. Prepare to live an adventure beyond imagination.IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST GAME OF 1989ZADETTE is a collection of the best and worst of everything that made the great arcade games of the late 80's.
  • A muscular hero in his underwear who slices his big sword at every enemy that stands in his way.
  • Sprites with extraordinary dimensions for an extraordinary game. Because everyone knows that the best games are the games with the biggest sprites.
  • Incredible chiptune music taking 200% advantage of the Genesis Yamaha YM2612 chip for total immersion in the early 16-bit arcade era.
A RICH ADVENTURE WITH UNIQUE LEVELS AND BOSSESWe've made such a big effort to bring everything that makes great games into ZADETTE, so you can live a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Go through 7 epic levels as memorable and colorful as they are difficult and challenging.
  • From poisonous snakes to cart snakes through dodging snakes, a wide variety of obstacles will cross your path.
  • Face off against 7 breathtaking bosses, all more original than anything you've ever seen.
  • Never in a game spikes have been so sharp and calibrated. Be cautious where you land your heel.
DOES ZADETTE SUIT ME?If you like the Ghost'n Goblins series, obscures arcades games like Rastan or Altered Beast, or 16 bits classics as Sword of Sodan and Gods... or if you are seeking for a true challenge... yes of course! ZADETTE is for you.WHY CAN'T I TURN BACK?ZADETTE is an adventure about determination. True heroes never turn back.AM I A REAL PLAYER?We'll see that...