Dear Reader,

I welcome you happily to Your Fear's official Steam page!What is this game is about?
Your Fear invites the player deep into a haunting story of hidden mystery and bitter despair.
The game consists of 19 levels, each level is uniquely designed with its own puzzles and hazards
to overcome and to test the nerves of even the most jaded player.
One wrong move taken in haste is all takes for you too to get torn to pieces!Why should I play this?
This game offers you..

  • ..a powerful story.
  • ..exciting puzzles.
  • ..last but not least a great atmosphere provided by:
    • Great but still playable on many machines graphics.
    • Great soundtrack and cool sound effects!
    • Challenging bossfights!

...are you ready to face Your Fear? :)

Thank you for reading my description of this game and I wish you to have a great experience!