Welcome to the Y0L0 Space Hacker Agency, an ethical hacker agency.
Your first mission: hack a space station to unravel its mystery.What Happened On Bikini-72? - a 3d Adventure Game
- Solve puzzles based on real security breaches
- Crack passwords
- Intercept and modify web requests
- Penetrate servers
- A secure environment to learn and progressWhere to start? > You know nothing about cybersecurity? That's good, we explain everything to you!
We have prepared a complete Cyber Security tutorial for beginners. Accomplish missions, progress step by step and learn the different techniques used by hackers. You'll probably have to think a little bit, but you'll never get stuck.
> You already know the basics of Linux machines and a little bit of programming? cool, it's going to get really interesting!Real hacking toolsUse the hacker tools integrated into the game: a terminal, a web proxy, nmap to scan the network, dirb for brute-forcing websites, password lists to force authentication, John to break passwords, reverse shells, privilege escalation techniques...

Once the flaw is found, launch a Reverse Shell and get Admin.