"Wizard Of Walls" is a dungeon/maze shooter with retro mechanics inspired by the old arcade classic "Wizard Of Wor". You play a warrior with a laser gun and have to shoot all monsters. When a monster or a shot of a monster touches you, you die instantly (no health bar, no regeneration). Your goal is to survive as many dungeons as you can.
Everytime you kill a blue monster, a yellow one will spawn which moves faster, shoots more often and heads towards you more likely. Everytime you kill a yellow monster, a red one will spawn which moves even faster, shoots even more often and heads towards you even more likely.
From the second dungeon on after you have killed the last red monster, the Worluk appears. He moves around extremely fast and you need good reactions to hit him. If you kill the Worluk before he escapes through one the side ways, you'll earn double score for the next dungeon.
From time to time, after you've killed the Worluk, the Wizard Of Walls appears. He moves fast and can cloak himself. As he appears, you'll see a radar around your player. Watch the radar to see the Wizard coming.MultiplayerYou can play together with up to 4 players online coop or PvP.Power-UpsCollect power-ups within the dungeon. The blue ones make you run faster, the orange ones make you shoot fasterSpider DungeonsEvery 5th dungeon is a spider dungeon. A horde of fast moving spider crawl around and try to drop eggs. If you don't shoot the eggs in time, 5 new spiders will be born.LeaderboardThe leaderboard shows the top 100 single player warriors and the top 100 team scores in coop games (for 2, 3 or 4 players)