The green lands are peppered with windmills, a strong gust pulling at their wings - everywhere trees and fields are swaying in the breeze. Majestically, an air-sailing ship floats high above the ground: on board, fighters in heavy armor are trained and last preparations for battle made. Long at peace, a storm is brewing over the fantasy world of Ensai and its wide grassland oceans.

The last conflict that ravaged Ensai turned the old civilizations of the world and their achievements into rubble. A weapon of never before seen power swept over the people of Ensai - numerous ruins still serve as a stark reminder of the destruction

visited upon the world. Slowly, societies rebuilt and fused the power of the old magical artefacts with modern technology to create a unique combination. The flourishing cities of the new age trade goods with the help of air-sailing ships of all shapes and sizes that sail across the grasslands of Ensai.

In the new real-time tactical game Windchaser, players assume leadership of one of Ensai's guilds and take command of one of the mighty sailing ships that serve as mobile headquarters.

On board, the player recruits new fighters, who level up as they gain battle experience, and stores collected artefacts. A multitude of upgrades allow players to customize and reinforce their ship throughout the game.

Soon they will have to get it battle-ready, as a new conflict is on the horizon: Religious quarrels and competition among the guilds threaten to escalate.