Playable in single-player or co-op, Wild Planet is a stylish low poly open world survival game set on a tiny alien planet full of diverse biomes. In the game you’ll explore, hunt the indigenous giant alien bugs, build outposts and craft weapons and equipment as you attempt to survive and build a life for yourself in the hostile alien environment.

Chill COOP experience
There is a lack of coop games and we want people to experience our game with their friends , discover the world and work together to survive.

Top down view - environmental narration
The top down view gives another way of storytelling and environmental design.
The low poly art style works also very well with a top down view and focus only on the most important part in the environment.

A colorful scifi atmosphere
We want to bring a chill, positive and colorful experience. Far away from the usual dark scifi worlds.
A friendly, calm, joyful experience on an alien planet.

We were stuck at home and wanted to spend some time together on coop video games due to the outbreak. After searching for games, we were not satisfied and realized the coop scene was pretty poor. We couldn't find the perfect game for us so we decided to make our own little coop experience.
We wanted a small game in a tiny open world where you can experience a small charming “RPG like” adventure with your friends.

We want to condense all the classics of rpg grinding/survival games in a small universe without going overboard and try to add crazy difficulties or competitive aspects. We want a small game in a tiny world where you can experience a small charming adventure with your friends.

If we had to define the niche of our game on the shelf of a video-game store, we’d imagine our game being somewhere in between “a short hike”,”arctico” & “cloudpunk”.