WAR FRONT - TURNING POINT is an action-packed real-time strategy game that follows the classic traditions of the genre by implementing base building, resource-management, research and gripping storytelling into the setting of an alternative World War II. A highly fictional approach to the setting enables players to exploit and experience the consequences of certain events that could have been turning points in the real war, like the death of Hitler in the early days or the deployment of concept weapons and prototypes never used in reality. WAR FRONT - TURNING POINT delivers a completely fresh view on the era, showing heroism, epic battles of unseen technologies, romance and Hollywood style adventure.

Players will be able to fight spectacular battles in lush battlefield environments that feature top-notch graphical elements, like high detail objects with moving shutters on buildings, swinging antennas, shaking petrol canisters and trembling exhaust pipes on tanks or fully reflective water surfaces mirroring surrounding objects and clouds alike. Speaking of clouds, they are generated dynamically in real-time just like all other weather elements as fog, rain, snow and the lightning that scorch the ground. These also affect the gameplay similarly to the dynamic changes from day to night. When day turns into night after a flagrant sunset a new set of eye-candies await the player: spotlights, flares, tracer ammo, streetlamps, lights coming out of the windows of buildings and spectacular explosions, all of which will light up surrounding objects or units passing by thanks to the deferred rendering mode. In addition to emitting light explosions will have shockwaves and heat waves that distort the picture, and they will leave craters in the ground after them with dynamic columns of smoke that cast shadows.

WAR FRONT - TURNING POINT features two single player campaigns for the US and the German sides, and an additional Soviet side for the multiplayer, all differing significantly in terms of gameplay, units and technologies.


  • The first "Science-Fiction/World War II" RTS title that combines resource gathering, army building, base construction and a full-fledged technology tree with an intuitive interface and accessible tactical combat in a style that will delight casual and veteran strategy gamers alike.

  • A detailed technology tree allows for a variety of recognized WWII weapons along with special, nation-specific, secret and super weapons such as multi-turreted tanks, jet-pack soldiers, stealth bombers, armored mechs and more.

  • Two single-player campaigns portray an epic struggle of good-versus-evil in which Hitler is killed early in the war, taking history and the player in a nail-biting new direction. The story is written by some of Hollywood's brightest screenwriting talent and told through a mixture of immersive cinematic cut scenes and fast-paced, tactical game play.

  • An action-packed multiplayer mode allows up to ten players to compete against or cooperate with each other in teams or as individuals playing the Soviets, Germans or Americans. An Internet-based ladder will serve to memorialize the game's top tacticians world-wide.

  • Players can control units in a traditional top-down RTS perspective or take direct control and jump into turrets or attach to any combat vehicle for a near-FPS experience.

  • Three distinct heroes for each nation, each with its own special abilities that can help turn the tide of battle in the player's favour. Heroes gain experience and become more powerful, granting offensive and defensive bonuses to allied troops while weakening opposing units.