In development by Epic Games - the masterminds behind the Unreal franchise - in conjunction with Digital Extremes, Unreal Tournament 2004 builds on the success of last year's smash Unreal Tournament 2003, adding all new maps, characters, play modes, vehicles, weapons and technology while at the same time including everything that shipped with last year's title.

As the ultimate techno-gladiator of the future, players will take their fates into their hands, battling against up to 32 other players online in action-packed, frag-filled arenas. New maps are being included for all established game modes, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run and Double Domination. In addition, Unreal Tournament 2004 contains all of the new maps, mutators and game types - such as Mutant, Last Man Standing and Invasion - from the free downloadable bonus packs.


  • All the features, gameplay elements, maps and characters from Unreal Tournament 2003, as well as the new modes, maps and improvements from the free downloadable mission packs.

  • New maps and characters for existing gameplay modes featured in Unreal Tournament 2003.

  • A variety of land-, space- and air-based vehicles, including buggies, tanks, hovercraft and aircraft, and more.

  • A completely redesigned fan-favorite "Assault" mode; gamers will be challenged to attack or defend bases; most Assault maps will require the use of vehicles as a critical gameplay element.

  • An all new "Onslaught" mode will pit opposing teams of gamers against each other across massive terrain maps in a challenge to capture and hold key points. Vehicles will play a major role as flying and driving machines transport combatants to the "front" and serve as mobile platforms to launch devastating attacks.

  • Epic's Unreal Engine technology; the game features the most beautiful and detailed game world ever seen on a PC; indoor and outdoor environments are rendered in exquisite detail and crammed with volumetrically lit particle systems.

  • The Karma Physics engine providing for in-game physics that simulates true-to-life character movement and environmental interaction.

  • The smorgasbord of ferocious frag-inducing weaponry from Unreal Tournament 2003 returns, with many armaments featuring all new modeling and effects.

  • Integrated voice communications.

  • Software rendering support to improve compatibility.

  • Completely redesigned and enhanced menus.

  • Improved enemy artificial intelligence (AI).

  • The Unreal Editor bundled into the game software will provide amateur mappers and development teams the resources to build custom maps and modify the game to create their own gameplay modes.