Twin Stick Heroes is a local multiplayer arena shooter.
Brutal 4-player competitive hero shooter in the vein of classics like Tanks from Wii play and Combat for the Atari 2600. OBLITERATE as you play as video game stereotypes such as hackers, greifers, laggers or even a cyberbully each with unique ability's and weapons!

Remember the olden days? When gaming was sitting in front of a CRT with your friends? Modern games have made us forget what gaming is all about having fun together with your friends!

Twin Stick Heroes wants to revive local multiplayer and take it to new heights, so order those pizzas and call up your buddy's because TSH is more then enough reason to hang out with the boys again!

There are 13 more characters each with there own special skill sets and weapons, you will need to master all of them to become the ultimate BEST GAMER!

Style on your noob friends by playing as him

He...... means well....

Twin stick heroes brings new ideas to items and boldly pushes the normal in the industry, to an insane limit.

All items interact with and sometimes directly counter others. There will be a total of 33 items planned for release.
In addition to items there are also weapon pickups

Our world features 6 different planets each themed something entirely different to keep the game fresh and new.

Twin stick Heroes is a multiplayer only top down shooter, focused on buttery smooth tight controls and fast paced combat. This formula guarantees that no matter how insane the game play may get every death feels fair and not cheap.

For veterans of the twin stick genre you will feel right at home on hand made maps designed to cater towards "creative solutions".