[Treasure Hunting] is a singleplayer game that have 30 stages.To clear the stages you have to open the treasure box on each stage,
if you fall into a pitfall or got a hit by an arrow the game will be over.The game will be clear when player beat all the stages.
The game have 17 types of gimmicks and traps in total to reach the goal.There are 14 types of gimmicks like forcing player to move,
or doors that can be opened by turning multiple switches, and there are 3 types of traps like a flowing magma or rolling rock on the
passage that player pass through.
The first stage is easy and simple, but the difficulty will increase and the stage will become longer and complicated to reach the
treasure box each time you clear the stage.To clear the stage rather than just moving the character player have to solve puzzle
and cleverly using the gimmicks and traps.

*Total gimmicks and traps on each stage
*Hard difficulty
*Because the game is simple, even beginners can enjoy it