WELCOME TO TRAZZ!This is a modern casual arcade game inspired by old popular brick breaker games like Arkanoid or Breakout. Lots of levels, weird power ups and upgrades.

If you are looking for a solid, relaxing casual game, that goes back to the classics, try Trazz. Feel the classic atmosphere with modern graphic design. Try to control multiple paddles to beat diverse levels in multiple worlds. Collect credits to buy upgrades and use them to destroy bricks faster and protect the ball from being destroyed. Adjust the game speed to your skills, play crazy fast or relaxing slow.WHAT'S INSIDE
  • tons of interesting levels
  • multiple paddles both horizontal as vertical
  • upgradable special abilities that increase you effectiveness in beating levels
  • collectible power ups that can both facilitate or hinder your gameplay
  • adjustable game speed
  • interesting level design
  • clear and nice looking graphics without unnecessary flashy effects
ABOUT THE DEVThis game has been made by an independent solo dev, who loves both playing and making games. Feel free to send any comments or suggestions. Many thanks for wishlisting and buying Trazz, this means a lot. Hope you will enjoy!