This is a casual, short-burst and fast-paced game that involves clicking a lot.
The goal is to keep touching the floor, while blocks keep spawning beneath you. Click them to break them and drop down.

Each play-through is designed to last less than 10 minutes.
But each play-through is randomized and completely different than the previous ones.KEY FEATURES
  • Two different ways to play the game: Waves mode & Lives mode.
Each mode uses the same mechanics, but plays very differently.
In Waves mode you need to be as quick as possible, but in Lives mode your priority should be surviving the longest.

  • A total of 26 Achievements.
Some of the Achievements are quite easy to get, but a few others are a bit more challenging. Nothing crazy though.
Both Achievement hunters and Completionists were considered while designing these.

  • Beautiful, relaxing music.
Enjoy some relaxing, low-fi music by "The Greek Samurai".

  • Online and Offline Leaderboards.
Compete with other players on local Leaderboards or on Steam.
Get a high-score and display it proudly.