You just woke up from a nightmare.You wake up looking 18, but your body has changed.It turns out that you have been cursed by the devil. Your life will pass by very quickly. You must follow the guidance of the master and go to the four magic worlds to find the medicine to cure the curse.
Each fantasy world is home to nearly 20 monsters, each with its own attributes, and you need to use your strengths to fight them.After defeating the monster, you will gain the material.
Mission system in the game: kill the monster to obtain materials and kill itself can complete a series of missions, the completion of the mission will get the corresponding bonus.Of course, you can press the L key in the game to accept these tasks.
Help system in the game: Press H key in the game to see all the player's operations, let you understand the game faster.
In-game upgrade system: protagonists can be upgraded, each level will get a little talent.There are 8 talents, physical attack, magic attack, hit points, attack speed, fire defense, water Defense, wind defense, wood defense.Upgrade and improve your fighting capacity.The monster will also be upgraded with the main character!
Keep in mind that every minute and second in the game will cost you your life, and you'll need to create drugs that extend or slow it down so that you have more time to adventure in the four fantasy worlds.
Remember to use help (H) if you don't know what to do in the game.
Your pet will also be a powerful helper!
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