Discovering the true spirit of Christmas
You're just a kid, willing away those final few weeks until Christmas. On the night of Halloween your trick or treating is interrupted by the appearance of Nutmeg, an elf from The North Pole. Nutmeg whisks you along in adventure to teach you the true meaning of Christmas!

Through first person exploration, dialogue choices and light puzzle gameplay you need to create as much happiness as possible, either by helping others or engaging in activities that you find fun as a kid!

Nutmeg the elf has also asked you to pay attention to those on Santa's list, doing so will change the ending and who gets what on Christmas day!Key Features
  • Explore magical locations like Halloween Street, The School, Family Home & The North Pole!
  • 6 Key characters to help or hinder
  • Gameplay choices that impact the ending
  • Over 15 missions