Dear Gamers,

The Maze Escaper is an Action, Strategic, Puzzle game in which your every decision matters. You can Slow down Time and become Invincible for a certain period. However, your abilities have certain limitations that force you to develop your strategy before using your ability.What this Game has to Offer
This Game Offers lots of Unique Mazes to Escape.
This Game also offers Survival Mode with an Infinite amount of Procedurally generated Mazes in which you aim to Survive as long as possible and compete with others worldwide by scoring higher and becoming the best Survivor.Your Goal
Your goal is to survive and successfully Escape the Maze using your abilities effectively.

Let’s See, can you ESCAPE? The Maze Escaper Features:
  • Time Control - You have the ability to Slow Down Time in the game.

  • Intense Gameplay - As you move further and further in the game, it will become more difficult for you to escape

  • Infinite Mazes – There is no lack of Mazes as this game offers Procedurally generated Mazes in Survival Mode.
  • DXR Enabled Graphics – Realtime Raytracing takes the visual to next level.