Log into The Matrix Online and encounter a sprawling cityscape, extending for miles in all directions. Beneath this seemingly innocuous exterior, a secret war is being waged for the survival of humanity and machine alike.

Here, you and limitless operatives like yourself will determine the fate of the world in an intense, Internet-enabled, action-packed continuation of the Matrix saga, written by the original creators of The Matrix and picking up where the movie trilogy leaves off.


  • You Know Kung Fu Unload on the malicious Agents of the Matrix with dozens of weapons and martial arts maneuvers in the supercharged kung-fu style of The Matrix.

  • Deep Character Building Develop a virtual character that lives in the Matrix with thousands of other online players. Obtain hundreds of powerful Matrix abilities that you can swap out and exchange like trading cards.

  • Infinite Possibilities Take advantage of an extensive mission system that provides you with a seemingly infinite variety of gameplay options, storyline revelation, and character experience.