Cuba, 1962. The United States have increased their intelligence activity in Cuba, due to which the Soviet and Cuban counter-intelligence started exposing more American spies and saboteurs. The American U-2 planes carried out continuous photo reconnaissance of the Cuban territory, and the data supplied by there hi-altitude recon planes, was truly invaluable for the Executive Committee of the US National Security Council. So a decision was taken - should the Cubans shoot down at least one U-2 aircraft the island would be bombed immediately.

The situation got so aggravated, that even a very small military conflict could lead to immediate full-scale war with use of nuclear weapons...

On October 27, 1962 the first squadron of the missile regiment under command of Lt-Col Yu.A. Solovyov shot down a USAF U-2 recon plane piloted by Major R. Anderson...

The world was on the verge of self-destruction.

Cuba has turned into a radioactive island. Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk as well as other large USSR cities and military bases were hit by the USA. The Soviets returned nuclear strikes against Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Western Europe, US military bases in Turkey, Italy, and Germany. Great Britain nuked the countries of the Warsaw Pact.

The world map was covered with radioactive pocks, former supercities were on fire, winds spread nuclear clouds all over the world.

Horrified by its own madness the world understood that "clean" land and water were the most valuable resources required for the survival of the remaining population. The second phase of the Third World War has begun - the war with conventional means for "clean" resources, the war for survival...

The Day After is a war simulator with turn-based operation planning mode and tactical battles in real-time, fashioned in the style of alternative history with use of actual weaponry of 1960's.


  • Alternative history, caused by the nuclear catastrophe, that happened as a result of the military solution of the 1962 Caribbean Crisis.

  • Turn-based operation planning mode (TBS) and real-time tactics (RTS) of "Blitzkrieg" mould in one game.

  • Dozens of scenario missions in 4 military campaigns for the USSR, Franco-German Alliance, China, and UK-US Alliance.

  • New ordnance types: helicopter, missile forces, recon and sabotage squads.

  • Contaminated areas affecting the availability of ordnance and the combat ability of manpower.