Round up herds of exploding animals and rampage around 80 destructible levels - defend your precious egg by slamming your herd into the greedy alien marauders and blowing them up! Use the special skills of different animal types to slow alien progress or access new areas! Challenge yourself with a mode featuring endless randomly-generated levels, or challenge your friends in the multiplayer modes - go head-to-head against them whether they have PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 4!


  • 80 Single player levels with over 20 hours of gameplay in Singleplayer.
  • "Generate random levels" mode has over a million variations so no levels are ever the same. You can then share it with your friends and play together.
  • Multiplayer modes - Co-op and Competitive head to head multiplayer adds unlimited replay. Play online or locally and cross play between Vita and PS4 for added accessibility.
  • Easy to pick up but with lots of added depth - 30 different animals to use and unlock, each with their own unique abilities.
  • As the story progresses your interactive HUB will expand and become a theme park for you to explore and find secrets.
  • Leaderboards - Compare how you are doing against friends and the World.
  • Live Area launches - View friends progress and challenges and launch directly from the Live Area.