The whole world is nothing but a battlefield. And you are on the front line - in the very center of realistic battle action, which even amazes and delights the shrewdest strategy experts. As the commander of German, Russian, British, American and, finally, Japanese troops, you fight on water and on land as well as in the air. You can extend your actions through numerous specific commands in remarkable ways. The four different available difficulty levels and the fascinating multiplayer mode are thrilling beyond imagination. The user-friendly editor allows for unlimited supplies of professionally generated maps and missions - making sure the action never ends.

With Sudden Strike II the war is far from over!


  • 5 playable nations: Germans, Russians, British, Americans and Japanese.

  • More than 40 missions in 5 campaigns or separate scenarios.

  • Increased degree of realism thanks to completely overhauled unit values.

  • More than 50 new units and thus more than 150 units altogether.

  • Improved artificial intelligence enabling you to fight battles in four difficulty levels.

  • Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers and lakes.

  • Supplies and additional fire power provided by controllable railways.

  • Controllable aircraft increase tactical potential.

  • Each motorised unit possesses a separately controllable crew and can be captured.

  • New order options increase the infantry's versatility.

  • Weather system: March troops through rain and snow.

  • Reworked multiplayer system and GameSpy support.

  • Extended, user-friendly editor provides an endless supply of professional maps and missions.

  • Campaigns set in summer and winter landscapes.

  • Destructible bridges, houses, fortifications, trees and other objects.

  • Up to 1,000 units per scenario.

  • Snipers, machine gunners, grenadiers, bazooka gunners, commando troops, officers.

  • AT and AA guns, howitzers, katyusha rocket launchers.

  • Tiger, Panther, Sturmtiger, tank II/III/IV and Koenigstiger.

  • T34, T-26, KV-1, SU 85, T-70, IL II.

  • Type 3 chi-nu, type 1 chi-ke, 2597 te-ke, 2597 sinkhoto, 2597chi-kha, 2595 kha-go, 2595 ho-gi, 2592 tk, 2589 ozu.

  • Transport and ambulance vehicles.

  • Flame thrower.