In this navigation game you will have to show reflexes and your strategy skill in order to bring back the Earth’s stars and reforge the destiny of each StarPicker team member.Key features:
  • Discover unknown territories through an original land navigation gameplay.
  • Explore 60+ levels in 5 unique environments.
  • Discover unlimited original handmade maps with regularly updated content.
  • Experience 3 game modes for different challenges.
  • Attractive cosmic soundtrack in late 60’s style composed by François Cocheteux.
  • Engaging online community tools : ranking and replay analysis. You can compare your route choices with other players worldwide and improve your performances.
Story:StarPicker is a game about navigation adventure in a retrofuturist setting. The loss of heavenly vault drove the world into chaos, it’s up to you to save the world!!! Collecting missing stars with the StarPicker Team, our famous American football player Janus “Electric Eel” White and the charming young Nobel winner Minna Vellamo will be traveling with you into the mysterious galaxy. So get yourself packed, the human destiny is in your hands!Gameplay:
Live a space adventure with only map and compass in hand and discover unknown territories through an original land navigation gameplay.

Experience 3 game modes for different challenges:

  • The Main Race game mode is the most relaxing experience. You can be a traveler, embracing fantastic landscapes, gaining satisfaction in your map reading skills, meeting curious animals and uncovering the mysterious history on each planet.
  • In the Electric Eel game mode win the challenge with your impressive observation and incomparable precision. Fearless of taking risks even on unknown territories. It’s the perfect mode if you are looking for a challenge where time doesn’t matter.
  • Maybe you are an orienteer, a traceur or a speed-runner who’s always been moving with ease in blocked areas! StarPicker’s Berserk game mode suits you the best! Reveal stars one by one in a limited time, avoid obstacles by acting cool like a Light Speed Racer.