Meet, flirt and hook up with Crush by Ubisoft.

A launch title for the Nintendo DSTM, Crush puts you in the hot (dating) seat as you engage in a risqué, daring adventure with sexy singles at Snowbird Mountain, a hip ski resort in Colorado.

North Shore (FOX) writer Colleen McGuiness captures the essence of teen entertainment through fresh storylines, gender-specific adventures, and funny dating missions and cool characters.


  • Hook up: Interact with a motley crew of characters as you push boundaries and hone your skills on the ultimate dating quest.

  • Be naughty or nice: Enjoy the freedom to say and try anything as you embark on a twisted reality dating adventure. Communication gives you the almighty power of persuasion on dates and at meetings. Whether you go down in flames or get the girl or guy, you're in control.

  • Good times: Laugh-out-loud dialogue, daring discussions and twisted experiences make for a comical dating experience.

  • Drama kings and queens: Realistic characters display a broad range of emotions and have lifelike attitudes. Your success is determined by your ability to react appropriately to various people and situations as events unfold.

  • Mission impossible? "The Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend," "Secret Admirer," "Hot Chick Scavenger Hunt," "First Kiss," "In Da Club" and "The Ski Lift" are among the many missions on your hysterical dating challenge.

  • Re-'playa'-bility: Two gender-specific adventures, more than 50 missions, bonus levels and sexy, innovative gameplay offer hours of stimulating fun.

  • Gender roles: One adventure for guys and another for girls makes for relevant experiences throughout various dating missions.