Spinout is an all action arcade racer featuring wild stunt courses; huge arenas and platform style game play, all taking place at heights that will give you vertigo. Race your Xorb around tracks suspended high above sprawling cities and lush vistas but don't miss a turn. It's a long way down.


  • Amazing sense of height and scale as you race hundreds of metres above ground.

  • Multiplayer mayhem, with up to 4 players; unleash an explosive range of weaponry and take part in several competition modes.

  • Daring Aesthetic Bonuses - special stunts, moves, impacts and risk awards are received by the player for dazzling and daring manoeuvres.

  • 54 vertigo inducing race courses and 4 race classes - set within 9 fully interactive game environments.

  • WIFI 'Best Times' sharing & merging between friends.

  • Customise your Xorb - over 2 million unique combinations possible.

  • Real-time damage system - with deformable Xorb meshes.

  • Rigid body dynamics inject environmental physics into every course to create a fully immersive and believable experience.

  • Powerful special effects engine that delivers spectacular visual effects including Motion Blur, Bloom and beam particle effects.

  • Unlockable rewards and secrets - new courses, Xorb skins & body styles, player outfits and extra game modes.