Taking the form of a world tour, players must battle waves of invaders in locations around the globe, eventually taking in a climactic showdown with the UFO mother ship on the moon. With unique rules for each geographical stage, the player must battle though three rounds to successfully defend that particular location before moving on to the next. In London, for example, players must shoot the invaders in a colour-coded order to defend Big Ben. At the Acropolis, Athens, the challenge comes in the form of a heavily armoured but lone invader, which takes several well-timed direct hits to kill. Other novel forms of videogaming's archetypal aggressors, such as shadow invaders that blink in and out of invulnerability and giant invaders that must be killed piece-by-piece, bring the total of unique invader types in Space Invaders Revolution's New Era Mode to 13.


  • Two Gameplay Modes, Classic and New Era.

  • Two control methods, traditional pad and buttons or touchscreen.

  • 20 real-world locations with three rounds each, totalling 60 individual levels.

  • 13 types of invader, including Giant Invaders and Shadow Invaders.

  • Five power-ups, some of which combo to produce even more power.