Sniper Shooting Alpha Strike is a military simulation game based on the world crisis.It is a tactical shooting game in which you play the role of a special forces operative commando guarding various locations.
Sniper Shooting Alpha Strike features many missions in different locations across the world. Before a mission starts, the player can customise their weapon load-out to suit the given operation which presents you with different tactical objectives that you must finish, such as Ambushing Combatants, Destroying an enemies on towers and Shooting Bots.
You are the last commando left in the combat in which you need to kill all the enemies who are trying to surmount your country. Be a brave army commando, ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.As a trained recruited elite commando you have given the mission to stop and fight with rebellions insurgency in the world's most dangerous area and stop the rebellions as they cause great threat to peace in your country.
Become a real hero by saving your country and be a reason for the world’s peace and happiness among the people. The mission is to defend the infiltration and save the base camp and let me remind you are the last guard protecting it.
The game has a hot and realistic battle scenes, smooth operation, rich weapon system, the intelligent enemies regulation system.
Step into the arena and get ready for an all out battle,Just fire with your guns and kill the enemies, let us start to play.
Use your attention well in this game as the enemies are coming from all the directions.
If you really get into trouble don't forget to shoot the explosive barrels.
Watch out for enemy drones which try to sneak in and blast near you.