SLAYERS FOR HIRE is an indie platform fighter with an emphasis on speed, precision, and creative characters.

This is a fighting game that rewards creativity more than any other. Whether you're goofing off with friends or pushing your skills to the limit, you can expect an adrenaline-filled experience every time you play. Play online (with rollback netcode!) or locally with 2-4 players.

Our goal with SLAYERS is to make a game that feels like a step forward for the genre. A game that feels at once familiar, yet novel.

  • Two playable characters: Slugger & Artist (with a third hot on their heels) - Whether you enjoy rushdown or a more methodical style of play, each character is designed to give players the tools to approach fights any way you like. May creativity be your only limiter!
  • Unique gameplay mechanics - We focused on creating gameplay mechanics that either open up new tools for players to explore (Focus Attacks, Airdash Cancels) or solve longstanding issues in platform fighters (Combo Gravity).
  • Online play with rollback netcode - No longer do you need a perfect internet connection to have a smooth online experience!
  • Controller & keyboard support - Currently you can play on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and GameCube controllers. You can also reconfigure and save your controls if you don't like our defaults. If you prefer tap jump on, that's your call. No hard feelings.
  • Low computer requirements - Runs on toasters! Well, not literal toasters...
  • Active, responsive developers - Come join our Discord and chat with us!

  • A Espiã - Nossa terceira personagem jogável! Planejada para ser lançada no Acesso Antecipado, ela combina a graça de uma ginasta com o poder de fogo de uma nação.
  • Story mode - Does a local/online coop metroidvania mode sound as good to you as it does to us? Sure hope so, because this is at the top of our list for a reason!
  • More characters! - Other than the six we've already revealed, we've already got concept art for 10 more characters and ideas for many more! Basically, we want to pump out content for this game as long as we're able to!
  • Leaderboards - Find out where you rank in the world wide web. Or if you're really competitive then aim for the top! Can you beat the devs?
  • Items - We've got a long list of items we want to put into the game, sourced both internally and from community members. We have one implemented already, which lets you have !!