Spring is in the air. Can you feel it?

Sir Lovelot surely can, and he's determined to find the love of his life.
Follow him on a wacky quest where impressing greedy damsels is harder than a heart of stone!

Every night, guided by nothing but moonlight and distant cries for help, you roam the four corners of Lululand, from castle to castle, in search for THE ONE!The gameSir Lovelot boasts over 40 levels of platforming goodness, from rope climbing and wall sliding to high jumping and water diving (by the way, Sir Lovelot can hold his breath underwater for really really long).

Your goal is to collect a bunch of gifts to offer the next awaiting damsel while avoiding treacherous hazards and fighting off weird creatures, all in the best possible time!Features- Snappy controls for agile players
- Loads of secret areas to discover
- Easter eggs, golden ones! Oh the damsels simply love those!
- Plenty of achievements and leaderboards (most % and fastest times)
- A beautiful soundtrack by Alexander Falinski (Cut the Rope, Tap the Frog...)
- And a silly story, if there ever was one