Left to fend for himself after mankind abandoned the doomedplanet Aurora, robot Kramer 227 must find a way to harvestenergy and rescue his robotic friends before Aurora crashes intoits sun. In his journey, Kramer will probe the planet itself and overcome challenging obstacles, all while trying to conserve his limited life energy to power himself and his friends on their way tosafety.

Kramer will gather and share energy with his fellow robots,helping them escape dire situations and predicaments. He willhave to jump and explore every platform in every corner of the 20extensive levels to find all of his friends. Energy is running low onAurora, so Kramer will have to collect batteries or use generatorsto recharge, as every action drains his power. Various power-upscollected along the way, such as jetpacks, energy spheres andtemperature regulators, can help him on this crucial journey.

Shiny is about saving lives, so it contains no blood or violence.