Shield Shock is a 2D Platform Fighter Game all about blocking! Use your shield to block enemy projectiles and release mighty attacks right back! This 4-Player Party Fighting Game will have you playing alongside friends to defeat the onslaught of Blockers or face off against each-other to see who is the finest Wielder of Shields!

Shield Shock's Awesome Features:

- Story/Arcade Mode - Battle Against Waves Of The Endless "Blocker Onslaught", Proving Your Worth In The Trials of Shield Shock!

- Party/Vs Mode - Face Off Against Your Friends In Various Modes To See Who Comes Out Victorious!

- Play As A Variety Of Different Heroes To Find A Play-style That Works For You.

- Explore The Vastly Unique Areas In The Shield Shock Universe.

- Find Mighty Pop-up Shops - Power Up With Class Upgrades.

- Unlock Special Costumes For Each Hero!