Blow up your friend's tank before they blow up yours!

Anyone can pick up and play with simple controls: Just turn, shoot and move forward or backward. Tactics revolve around surprising your opponents, bouncing shots at them from around corners, and using the environment to your advantage while managing your ammo and health (both of which recharge gradually).

Play in free-for-all mode (everybody against everybody else) or team up with players and AI-controlled bots of the same color to beat the other teams.

Scooty Shooty is a party game about bouncing bullets, hover tanks, and splitscreen-PC-vs-mobile-vs-bots crossplay on Wifi (if you want), in maze arenas that each put their own spin on the game:

BasicMaze - On timed matches, the walls recede when one minute remains.

Concentric - Circular maze where the walls are constantly revolving around the center, changing where the gaps will be. There's a jump pad in the center to give you a bird's-eye view of the action.

RandomMaze - Randomly generated each time you play, automatically adjusting its size to the number of players in the match. Some walls are purple force fields that allow bullets through, but block tanks.

Tell us what you'd like to see for arenas in future updates!
Ammo slowly regenerates, as does your health, but remember: The over-cautious score less quickly.