The Red Colony was supposed to save the human race, not end it. . . After a crazy scientist plays God and experiments with the colonists’ DNA, a deadly virus infects them and turns them into blood-thirsty zombies. Maria is trapped in the turmoil and desperately searches for her daughter in this Ecchi inspired Horror Game. However, the secrets she finds in her personal life and the colony means she will have to be the Hero and rid the colony of the wicked virus.

Red Colony
- Anime character design.
- Twisted story.
- Blood, gore and horror!
- 2DTCT (2D Tear-Clothes-Technology)...(!?)
- Drama inspired by 'The Bachelor' and 'High School of the Dead'.
- Red Colony is similar to a Graphic Novel but with more actual gameplay.
- Solo Developed by me, Rune Storm.

Hi! I'm Maria, CEO of LAB, one of the most exiting places to work at in the Colony. At LAB we are paving the way for the future!
I've been CEO at LAB for 5 years and are currently working on some groundbreaking projects that will help all of us on the Colony.
Even though the Red Colony is following a strict Communist Code and each individuals work is as important as the next, I do believe that LAB is the heart of the Colony and the most important thing for our future. Recently we received a big check from the Mayor and this will be put towards better equipment, expanding the LAB facility and more staff (some of which comes from the Blue Colony... That will be interesting...)
Also at the LAB we are working on - Sorry! I get so carried away with work! I forgot to mention that I'm married to James, The Mayor of Colony Red (Convenient, I know) and I have a daughter as well! My Daughter Diana is just as smart and beautiful as her mother!

2DTCT (2D Tear-Clothes-Technology)
To get to the flesh, Zombies like to tear through peoples' clothes. When Maria's clothes reaches 0% she can no longer fight off the zombie horde and will get bitten. Be careful!

The Red Colony follows a strict Communist code where the inhabitants are all aiming towards a common goal. Each individual is fulfilling their part on the colony while striving for the common goal. Insulting another persons work can lead to big fines or in worst case, banished from the colony. In the early days, it was clear that capitalism and competition would cause more harm then good for the colony, thus the founders wrote "The Communist Code" while the neighboring colony chose capitalism as a founding principle. Over time the colonies have entered some sort of arms-race to see who will succeed first, both colonies have a very similar goal but with very different approaches. Travel between the colonies have become more difficult then ever, especially since you have to travel by air, and you need a special permit to visit the neighboring colony.

This game contain 18+ Content such as Blood, Gore, Nudity and foul language.