The Raiders are a lawless space fleet consisting of a few battle hardened operatives. In their quest for galactic control, they have scouted out a target planet generating highly valuable resources. Unfortunately, it is already occupied by multiple factions battling for control of said territory. Your mission, as a Raider operative, is to conquer the planet, turning it over to the Raiders by any means necessary. Combined with a versatile Raider Battle Mech at your side, you will need an army of Battle BOTs in order to take on the thriving native factions.Key Features:
  • Two Main Modes, World Mode and Battle Mode - Plan your moves in the World Mode, then jump into Battle Mode to experience the battle in real time.
  • Mechs - Dominate the battlefield with your very own Mech, with customizable weaponry.
  • Battle BOTs - Take control of a variety of Battle BOTs, each with their own unique characteristics. Specialize BOTs with a variety of upgrade modules.
  • Conquest - Take control of Strongholds dotted across the planet. Strongholds will help fund multiple large scale armies necessary for world conquest.
  • Battle Commander - Command your BOTs in realtime while in battle, with the Commander HUD; a top down view of the battle where you can issue orders, classic RTS style.