Fast paced first person shooter game with bullet hellish gameplay and ability to change gravity.Key features
  • Changing gravity
    Have you ever wanted to walk on ceiling? Well now you can!
  • Bullet hell
    All the bullet are physics based (no hitscan) so you can dodge most of the bullets (with a bit of skill)
  • Bullet time
    Just somewhat standard slowing down of time. Really helps with dodging bullets and also shooting down enemies while in air. Are you asking why would anyone do that - because it's cool!
  • Melee
    Because sometimes you just want to punch someone in face with mace (or sword or axe).
  • Dashing
    Skip short distance frontward. Help with platforming. Also good to get out of hard to handle fighting situations.
  • Bossfights
    More enjoyable to fight with than your common foe. Also deafeting them unlocks new weapons.