Practical Shooting Simulator – is a simulator for creating stages, planning tactics for passing, and testing skills in practical shooting. Not just a game, but a unique tool for organizers, competitors, and all enthusiasts of Practical Shooting.

The Stage, Planning, Character, and Firearm Editors introduce you to the most important aspects of practical shooting.Stage Editor
  • 3D space, an intuitive interface, and special tools make it much easier to create dynamic, correct, and interesting stages of any complexity.
  • Select Rules, scoring method, discipline, and divisions.
  • Place targets, partitions, walls, and other obstacles to forming the shooting stage.
  • Share the result with friends and colleagues for co-editing.
  • Save the final version in print format and build the stage on a real shooting range.
Planning Editor
  • Start your training with theory - use the Planning Editor and the detailed Actions Sequence System to guide you through the stage.
  • Analyze detailed statistics of the stage, identify weaknesses, and think about ways to optimize your actions.
  • Experiment with the alternative for the best results.
  • Bring theory and ideas from the simulator to reality.
Character Editor
  • Create your character, choose outfit and equipment from the many available options.
  • Enter the required parameters for abilities and skills.
  • All entered parameters are used for correct calculations in the Actions sequence System.
  • Changing parameters clearly affects the result of the stage.
Firearm Editor
  • Choose your firearm model from an extensive arsenal for all existing disciplines: handgun, shotgun, rifle, multigun.
  • Use the Firearm Editor to set various modifications: muzzle devices, handguards, stocks, grips, sights, and more.
  • Each installed device affects the characteristics and behavior of the firearm.