Set in a stylish and modern environment, Powershot Pinball Constructor offers players pinball for the hand-held the way they like it. A never-before-seen table editor gives players a unique opportunity to design and create personalised tables, whilst gamers battling against their friends for that coveted high-score can employ the all-new versus mode to sabotage their opponent's score. Reaction and skill are key to that high score - even more so because opponents will be instigating attacks from their DS.

Powershot Pinball Constructor is designed to be competitive and addictive fun inspired by everybody's favourite - pinball. Play it. Create it. Share it!


  • Play against friends or alone on a selection of stylish tables.

  • Engage Sabotage Mode to disrupt your opponent's game.

  • Compete in team battle or time attack and discover secret areas and mini games.

  • Create your dream table using the first DS pinball table editor.

  • Share it with your friends...