In this demo you are a single star fighter trying to save as many as civilians as possible before they are overrun by a marauder armada. You'll need to gathering new weapons, upgrading your ship, find resources, trade with other ships and more to overcome the challenge before you.

Each run is a unique created journey where you'll need to utilize your flight skills and strategy you've built over many runs to crush the challenges ahead. This demo contains a single region you can play through to get a taste of what the full game will be like.Key Demo Features
  • Journey through and complete a single region in this demo.
  • Seven unique controllable ships you can find and unlock.
  • Procedurally crafted star systems, every run is uniquely challenging.
  • Dozens of unique and powerful weapons, items and upgrades to find, equip and progress your fighter
  • Dozens of challenging and diverse enemy ships to test your flight skills. You'll never know you'll face next!
  • Gather resources to power up shield generators to save civilians
  • Find special events and secrets hidden in the stars
  • Trade with roaming starships to increase your odds of success
  • Immersive blend of pixel art and procedural generated art to create beautiful galaxies