A Platformer like nothing seen before in games, explore this open-world puzzler in multiple dimensions on a journey to find your maker. Poncho is a new kind of game where the player navigates by switching between 3 "layers" in 3D in order to explore a 2D world. "Poncho" is a robot who wakes up in a post-post-post apocalypse world, where humanity has been wiped from the face of the earth many centuries ago but have left their robotic creations behind. The only thing the little robot has to remember his father is the poncho he used to wear, which he takes up himself, thus, his name. Poncho is a game about the feeling of being lost in the woods, trying to find your way home. And behind every rock and tree, there is a discovery waiting to be found.


  • A new kind of puzzle platformer, where you can travel between parallax layers freely.
  • Featuring an open world structure, with multiple paths to the end goal instead of a level based system.
  • Tons of interactable and quirky characters to meet; everything from birds, frogs, insects and other robots react to Poncho's presence and actions. The world of Poncho is truly alive.
  • A beautiful pixel art style set in a ruined overgrown world.