Immerse in the fun story of robberies. Use all your tricky and dexterity to rob the Green Town and go to rest in the warm lands.

You are a clever thief, nicknamed the “Picklock”, who had to escape from a large metropolis and take refuge in a small green town. Attempts to live an honest life have failed and you must back to old work, because in this you are an unsurpassed master.

Each new mission is unique challenge. You can succumb to intuition and act according to your instincts and carefully slipping behind the guards, or carefully examine the location and think over your every step - the choice is yours!

Sell out stolen from your old friend Pashkevich and spend money as your heart desires! Buy a sports car, make a European-quality repair and mark this thing in the local Pub, which, if desired, can be robbed later.