The 3D real-time strategy title ParaWorld explodes the boundaries of the imaginable, putting you under the spell of a completely new and exciting world.

Enthroned a dizzying height above the ground upon the heads of powerful fighting dinosaurs your warriors command them through a prehistoric world as breathtakingly beautiful as it is dangerous.

Armed with devastating weapons and covered in fearsome warpaint you go to battle - leading your people in a fight to save this world.


  • Prehistoric parallel world with more than 20 playable maps and 5 different climatic zones: Northlands, Jungle, Savannah, Ice Wastes and Lava.

  • Comprehensive solo campaigns with 3 completely different tribes and 3 playable heroes.

  • 3 different LAN and Internet multi-player modes for up to 8 players with 9 playable heroes.

  • Over 50 different types of animals including 40 incredibly detailed dinosaurs.

  • Gigantic combat units.

  • Heroes allow the construction unique buildings, develop new abilities and collect and use different items.

  • Units have their own special and finishing moves.

  • Revolutionary unit management.