Otherland is a multiverse of virtual worlds, where everyone can be anyone, and your virtuality becomes your reality.

In this world, you create your own personal reality-it is up to you who and what you want to become, and how you want to get there. One of your main challenges is to evolve your avatar and abilities in your own special way through your own player story in Otherland.

The story is always evolving. One minute you're caught in a medieval war and the next you're trading blows with a ferocious, giant bug. In every encounter, you advance your own story in Otherland and lay the foundation for your unique journey through this multiverse of the fantastic and the real. Accompanying you might be your band of brothers (or sisters), or you might solo it. It is your story.

Every player gets a piece of Otherland, and every player has the potential to become world owners and stakeholders in Otherland. Play the game and help build its expanding universe. There will be a part of you in Otherland forever.

Welcome to Otherland.