Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi (project name) crosses the brooding, creepy and scary atmosphere of the successful survival horror genre (Resident Evil and Silent Hill), with "traditional" first person shooter action, making the game cross genre of FPS and survival horror. Nosferatu is shocking fear, violent action and entertaining FPS game play.

The player is challenged to free his family and friends from the captivity in a vampire count's castle. As the game progresses it becomes clear that all is not what it seems and that violence is the only way to save yourself, your family. And mankind... Your family members are barricaded at different places in a large castle and prey to violent vampires. You must locate them and take on an action packed FPS style rescue operation to bring each of them to designated safe areas within the castle. In order to rescue your sister (the last family member), that is part of a gruesome resurrection ritual, you will have you confront a Nosferatu style vampire boss and an ancient beast vampire superboss in order to escape, rescue mankind and complete the game.