What's Mira's Brush Anywho?

Mira captures colour and shape!

Mira's Brush is a cute, colour-based puzzle platformer brimming with bizarre enemies, lateral thinking puzzles, platform action, and intriguing gameplay experiments.

Mira is an ordinary school-aged girl doing a dozen odd-jobs, from electrical engineering to the occasional crocodile wrestle. As a house painter, Mira uses her magic brush to steal colour from a host of enemies, and use those colours to jump, dash, and figure her way through Chromaland. When Mira defeats an enemy, she can also steal it's "shape" in the form of magic stencils. These stencils transform Mira's brush into a wide-range of unique powerups, from shooting stars to balloons, to mirror-Miras, fresh fruit and more.

A TINY sample of powerups...

Mira is up against a little evil, of course. Colonel Blump and his cohort of artistic villains have stolen the colour from RainbowCastle, and Empress Kitty needs your help. Well, I mean, if she could speak, she'd totally ask for your help. Frankly, she kinda sits there.

Mira has been tasked with restoring colour to Chromaland across all 8 art-style based worlds, returning the 8 colour crystals, and squaring off against the villainous Blump. I mean, what does he want a bunch of rainbows for anyway? He's such a sour sea-lion.

Colonel Blump steals colour from the throne room...

Mira's Brush is packed with alternate routes, filled with colourful secrets and extra challenges. Beginners will be able to collect just enough rainbow-power to skirt the most deadly stages, while completionists will have to delve into each labyrinthine level, solving puzzles and beating bosses along the way. There's even a few settings aimed at speedrunners, rewarding many kinds of play.