Well, This is a maze game. Uhh... a game to play with your friends as a party: Exploring the mysterious maze, Racing to be the top or fight against each other. Maze party is an online 2-10 players with various interesting game modes in a theme of "MAZE".

===== Now Features =====
- 3 Different game modes.
- 15 Variety of colors.
- 12 Field items.
- 12 Kind of maze traps.
- Advanced room settings (Generals (such as speed, maze size, time limit), items drop rate, and traps allowance).
- Online multiplayer.
- PC platform.

===== Upcoming Features =====
- New game modes (listed below).
- Custom hats.
- Chat system.
- Pet system.
- Emoticons.
- New emote animations.
- New items.
- New traps.
- AI enemies.
- Full custom setting (Add enemy spawn setting).
- Local multiplayer
- macOS platform.
- Single-player challenge mode.
- Tutorial & practice area.

===== Game mode list =====
- Lair of dragons: There's no exit, but you're in the lair of dragons (which actually just 1 dragon lives here for now). Group up and kill the dragon before it kills you all (1 Player will be random to be the dragon).
- Rainbow tower: A tower of mazes, harder as you go higher. Whoever reaches the top will be the winner! but it won't be easy... some of your friends are looking at you from below.
- Deathmaze: Go passes through mazes, that would perfectly be ok except... the last one will be thrown into lava each maze. The last one survived wins.

===== Game mode list (future update) =====
For more information, wait for the releases.
- Treasure Island (Work in process).
- Chasing (Work in process).
- Demoncave (Work in process).
- Team death (Work in process).
- FreeForAll (Work in process).
- Capture the frog flags (Work in process).
- Fruit collection (Work in process).
- Manmade maze (Work in process).
- Invisible (Work in process).
- Hunter (Work in process).
- Colorful maze (Work in process).

Hopefully, this is for someone who loves maze(?).
Good luck, have fun! :)