Maniac Path 2-this is the continuation of a crazy game about a maniac who has to kill a lot of his victims.
To the already existing Arsenal such as a knife, shotgun, machine gun, added a cutter and a rifle, which you will do your dirty deeds.
Run, kill, run. Defeat the Bosses in order to avoid punishment!
In a peaceful city where peace and serenity rule, a maniac escapes to freedom.
You have to go through the path of a brutal killer who, driven by instinct, roams the streets in search of victims.
You will be confronted by police armed not only with batons. Can you handle the dark mission?
Your task changes frequently, but the main goals are to run away and kill!

Key features:
- Interesting gameplay
- Playing for a maniac
- Brutal murder
- Cool soundtracks
- A lot of enemies