This is a cold weapon battle game. In the game, players could arbitrarily change the dress up and make up of beautiful girls.

A procedural generated random maze, beautiful girls in random dresses, defeat enemies from level after level to get gold coins and then buy new clothes and weapons, freely matched clothes and weapons, and customization character appearances.

Procedural generated maze
Each level is a procedural generated random maze, where you can always exercise your exploratory ability and the ability to find a way out.

Randomly dressed enemies
The enemy's equipment is randomly generated, and you can meet new faces with different looks every time.

Free matching clothes
All clothes accessories are subdivided and can be matched arbitrarily

Custom role system
You can choose your own style to create a character you think is good-looking.

Various weapons
You can hold a one-handed weapon, you can hold a two-handed weapon, or a polearm.