Confronted by his past, Raven finds that the journey he must go on is sudden, harsh, and filled with uncertainty. Yet even so, the hope that he grasps for lies only at the end of the battlefields he stands on, and the path to that future is neither noble nor grand.Key Features:
- Thrilling and flashy real-time action inspired by the likes of Tales of and Ys
- A myriad of skills and artifacts to customize your abilities
- A vibrant and diverse JRPG-inspired soundtrackGeneral Features:
- Ten stages and a multitude of normal enemies and powerful bosses to fight against
- Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Nightmare, changeable mid-playthrough
- Character-focused story of courage, fear, and personal growthCombat:
- Deep combat system with a wide variety of versatile and unique techniques
- Special mechanics like "Shield", which allows you to defend yourself even when you're attacking, help keep it engaging and original
- Aerial combos, cinematic ultimate attacks, and more

Disclaimer: Though keyboard controls are present, Luminous Plume is designed for traditional gamepad controllers, and it is highly recommended to use one when playing it.