Learn Xiangqi, the ancient Chinese strategy game.
Examine all aspects of the art of Xiangqi, learning with interactive training boards.
Study piece movements, checkmate conditions and tactics; learn Xiangqi inside out!
Play your first games with helpful pictures, learning the Chinese characters for each piece when you gain more confidence.
Practice strategic formations and techniques used by the masters of Xiangqi.
Challenge yourself with over 60 training puzzles and become an expert in endgame strategy.

Play against a wide variety of AI opponents, choosing a difficulty to match your skill level.
In-game indicators provide helpful reminders of each piece's available movements, letting you focus on choosing the best move.
As you improve, you can dial up the difficulty to ensure a stimulating strategic challenge.
Try playing with a handicap, to test your strategic skills to the limit!

Once you've learned the basics, why not enter the Xiangqi leagues?
Choose from the Kunming, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing leagues. Each league has a range of AI opponents to challenge you at every level.
To progress through the leagues, you'll develop your technique and employ a wide range of Xiangqi tactics.
With a sound strategy, victory can be yours.

Are you ready? Let's learn Xiangqi!