Late Rebirth is a cyberpunk story set in the setting of the Soviet Union after a global nuclear war. You have to guide the main character through the gloomy tunnels, in which the struggle for life is in full swing.

In 2002, a nuclear conflict engulfed the entire world. The surface of the earth became temporarily uninhabitable, all the survivors organized life underground. The government announced the "Snowdrop" project, according to which, after 40 years, life on the surface will be possible again.

The events of the game take us to 2037, in which very little is left before returning to the surface. But people are already exhausted by life underground, there are not enough resources for everyone. We have to look at this world, full of injustice and hardships, through the eyes of an old hard worker, and also overcome all the trials sent to him by fate.

For more efficient resource management, society was divided into 2 levels: Upper and Lower, which eventually resulted in significant social problems. Poverty, hunger, crime, high mortality, corruption are just an incomplete list of the gloomy realities of the Lower Level, which ordinary people have become prisoners.

Stressful conditions have given rise to new technologies such as implants or food synthesis. Many of them are not yet perfect and hide terrible secrets, but it is technology that is the beacon of hope in such a complex world.

Point & Click
The game contains Point & Click elements: the locations have interactive objects that carry additional information about the world and contribute to immersion.